I am a fixer. I solve problems, big and small. I realized this when friends often came to me asking to help them “fix” things in their lives whether it was staging an apartment for sale, decluttering a house after a divorce, or buying furniture for a new space. I once helped a couple on the brink of separation improve their living space which resulted in a more harmonious relationship. I love helping people and seeing the results.


We've all been there. Overwhelmed. Stumped. Paralyzed by life's challenging times. It can be so difficult to move on to the next step. Sometimes we don't know what we don't know and we don't have the patience or wherewithal to figure it out alone. Oftentimes, we know what to do and just need an external eye to help get it done. But mostly, we just don't have the time!  I will help you get through the hurdles life throws at you. I offer my services on an hourly or project basis, giving you the edge you need to move on and close out whatever demands attention.

My background as a Senior Advertising Executive in Account Management means I am first and foremost client-oriented. I’m sensitive and compassionate but also results oriented. I like to roll up my sleeves and get the job finished so you can get on with what’s next. Most importantly, I seek consensus so that you are excited by the results.

Let’s talk or meet to see if you feel comfortable with me. I’d love to learn how I can help you. No job is too small if it gets something off your to-do list and makes you feel better and helps you succeed. 

 P.S.  I speak fluent Russian so if you or your family member only speaks Russian, great! Davaytye! Zvonitye!