First 45-minute consultation is free.


Let’s see what you need. We’ll meet and discuss your project or situation. You tell me what you want and I’ll let you know you what I can do for you. 


I accept two methods of compensation for services - whichever one you choose, I can guarantee there will be no surprises.


Project Fee

Some clients feel more comfortable with a set price per project. After our first consultation, I’ll write up a proposal and set a fee for the job.

Day Rate

Some people prefer a day rate. My fee is $525 per day.  For instance, some clients hire me for x days to source furniture or work with them one-on-one . Or when I do vacation home management, I devote x days to your home while you are away. We set the times I will work in advance, so you always know what you are paying. You decide if you want to exceed what we have agreed to upfront.



-50% upon signing an agreement, 50% upon completion.

-If jobs require extensive travel around town, transportation expenses will be paid by the client.