"I was shell-shocked when my wife left me. I was overwhelmed by some of the decisions to be made about electronics, new furnishings and I had a tight schedule. Maia came in and was a great emotional support. She sourced everything, suggested options, discussed brands with me, assembled furniture, cleaned and organized storage spaces and closets. Within days, I had a new bed frame, mattress, and television and my office was reorganized. Without Maia, I’m sure I would have been sleeping on my couch for months!" ~Art

"I was moving to Chicago and I needed an apartment. I had no time to find one. Someone told me to contact Maia and she saved me! She referred me to the perfect realtor and also looked at apartments for me on her own. Apartment found, problem solved! She saved me unwanted anxiety and aggravation. Maia is positive and fun. And, I’m proud to say she is my first friend in the city." ~Vero

"My husband died suddenly and I had to put my apartment on the market. After a few days, I realized there was too much for me to handle alone; a lifetime of possesions to be dealt with. Maia came in and immediately helped get me organized. She came up with a list of what needed to be tossed, fixed and refreshed. She’s very hands on. We decluttered and then she helped me artfully stage the apartment. She has good taste and is very practical. My apartment sold over listing price."   ~Paula